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Thank You Innerbrat and Stacey, and a Question

March 2, 2010

But particularly Innerbrat for doing all that work while I was out getting graded at karate and then getting a bit merry after passing my belt…

But thanks are due to both of you for volunteering to help with this. We now have some actual content! Yay!

The Question is this: are we aiming to be encyclopaedic here, or are we going to enforce some kind of quality criterion? I can see plus and minus arguments to both, but am leaning towards encyclopaedic myself even though it probably means more work… Comments?

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  1. innerbrat permalink*
    March 2, 2010 13:46

    I’m leaning towards encyclopaedic because I don’t want to make judgement calls. However, we can give more information about those women we view as significant.

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